Environmental Consultancy

Project Phase

  • Prior Environmental Clearance (EC)
  • Six monthly EC compliance report
  • EIA & Risk assessment
  • Statutory approvals (CTE, CTO, Change in Product mix, CTO/CTE Amendment & Renewal)
  • EMS adequacy certification
  • Hazardous waste categorization and disposal
  • Actual users for by-products, inorganic salts
  • Safety Audits / HAZOP / HAZAN / Risk Analysis

Compliances related to EHS

  • Environment Audits (Sch II industries)
  • EMS evaluations and adequacy certification
  • Six monthly EC compliance report
  • Environmental Statement,
  • Monthly Patrak Filling on XGN & other XGN related work
  • Safety Audits / HAZOP / HAZAN / Risk Analysis
  • Competent Person testing and certification


  • ARC for Environmental monitoring, effluent analysis, WPM
  • ETP /STP operation
  • ETP /STP troubleshooting & resetup
  • Change in product mix
  • CTE for expansion
  • Renewal of Statutory approvals

EMS Improvement

  • Water reuse & recycle options
  • Zero Discharge Schemes
  • Process changes for effluent reduction
  • Effluent segregation and reuse options
  • ETP modification
  • Advanced treatment schemes
  • Solid waste management

We are strengthened by
  • Team of qualified engineers with thorough knowledge in effluent treatment, design of ETPs, ETP operation,
  • FAE (Functional Area Experts) and EIA Co-ordinators knowledgeable in EIA methodologies, risk assessment tools and techniques etc. This knowledge is coupled with the expertise of senior professionals to enable to develop methods for pollution control and prevention for various types of industries.
  • Lab scale effluent treatment modules for carrying out treatability of effluents.
  • Authentic database, standards and published literature in soft and hard copies.

Siddhi Green Excellence Private Limited are the first consultant from Bharuch district to be granted accreditation as EIA Consultant Organization by NABET for the project sectors - pesticides and pesticide specific intermediates (17) and synthetic organic industry (21) in Category A.

Our laboratory is accredited by NABL for major environmental parameters (Certificate no. TC-5007)

We are GPCB recognized Schedule II Environmental Auditors under the Environmental Audit Scheme of Hon' High Court"

Recognized Environmental Laboratory Under EPA, 1986