Ways to save water in industries.

1) Educate your employees
Build understanding in your employees why water is important and let them innovate ways to water conservation. You can announce awards in your company for identifying and innovative solutions to reduce water consumption.

2) What is current water Consumption
You need to know your current water consumption to set target for next cycle. It can be month or quarter or year. It will help you to identify peaks times, locations which are using more water, leaks and Equipment.

3) Routine Checks
Installation on Monitoring, water pressure meter and water flow meter will help to identify leakage in pipes, joints or valves.

4) Minimum use in Cleaning
To avoid high water consumption we can shift to electric brooms, vacuum cleaner or other cleaning devices (like squeegees etc.) in initial process. Wash Equipments as and when required than regularly. Reduce the uses of water sprinkler.

5) Equipment modification
Ensure that sprayer angle is perfect on product. Also use triggers to stop water flow, reduce water flow and pressure wherever possible without affecting performance.

6) Install Water saving Equipments
There are plenty of water Conservation Equipments are available. Consider using them. Such as toilet systems, tap aerators, also replace tap from high volume to high pressure and low volume.

7) Water Recycling
It is wrong assumption that all processes require pure water (potable water). We can reuse water (Non-Potable) in plant wherever possible. Let’s say for fire protection, pH adjustment we can use non-potable water.

8) Ways to reuse Water
We can save water in Industries by Reuse Uhle-box seal water, Reuse of Centrifugal pump seal water, Reuse vacuum pump seal water, use condenser water for steam makeup.

9) Reverse Osmosis
Consider installing reverse osmosis unit to treat water. Although energy consumed by this plant is much higher but it is worth it.