Services in the field of safety

Our Training center " KNOWLEDGE ENCLAVE " is approved by DISH ( Directorate of Industrial Safety & Health )

Your concern and commitment towards safety of plant and personnel are our concern as well !

What makes us your best choice ? .......

  • Qualified and experienced safety professionals having expertise in safety aspects of chemical industry and are well conversant with the various statutory requirements of Factory Act, OSHA, etc.
  • Use of latest versions of software for HAZAN and HAZOP as well as Risk Assessment studies (such as HAZOP-Pro, PHAST)
  • knowledge update on latest developments, new safety equipments introduced, and safety issues raised from time to time
  • Case study of incidents caused in industries and using the outcomings to improvise our safety studies and provide more realistic solutions to our clients

Testing and Certification by Comptent Person (CPS)

As per Factories Act 1948,
For -

  • Lifting Tools And Tackles (section 29)
  • Hoists & Lifts (Section 28)
  • Pressure Vessels (Section 31)
  • Dangerous Machinery (Centrifuge, Power Press Etc.-Section 21)

We also provide -

  • Chartered engg. Certificate
  • Valuation of plant & machinery by Govt. approved Valuer

Complete equipment and manpower for carrying out various tests including

  • external examination,
  • internal examination
  • Hydraulic/Pneumatic test,
  • Ultrasonic thickness measurement (NDT)

The tests are carried out with complete support towards plant operation, with proper scheduling.

Suggestions for improvement are also given by our competent persons based on their expertise gained during their course of service.

Our safety services include:

  • Expert available for imparting Shop Floor training
  • Safety Skill development in routine
  • 24x7 Expert advice on Safety
  • Study of Process safety and Operational safety
  • Safety Audits & Safety studies (HAZOP/HAZAN, QRA)
  • Onsite Emergency plan (Technical assistance)
  • Preparation of Safety /First Aid Manuals and trainings
  • Planning for Mockdrills


We also undertake examination and issue of certificate of stability which is mandatory for all factories having civil structures and buildings as per section 6 & 112 of Factories Act every five years.

Our competent person is also Govt. Registered Valuer for valuation of civil structures, buildings, etc.