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“Knowledge Enclave” – Our Division for Trainings, Lectures, Seminars, Conferences
offers Online as well as In-person trainings on various topics.

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Our generations are continuously exposed to a fast upgrading hi-tech world, and there is so less time spared for teaching them the basic skills and education, which are actually of prime importance in one’s life. And It becomes our duty as technocrats to arrange for such speedy yet meaningful dissemination of knowledge and skills for our people in the manner they understand, in the manner they are comfortable. With this motto, we have developed Our Knowledge Enclave to provide a platform for engaging people of all ages, communites and places – to learn, educate, develop skills, brain storm, share knowledge, demonstrate new ideas, new concepts, new innovations. Our training modules shall be supported by demos and exhibits and shall make use of sophisticated institutional aids such as video conferencing and the like. The categories shall be both technical as well as non-technical.

That calls for a Need Assessment, we carry out Need Assessment and suggest Topics
Yes, Participations in our Trainings Lectures, Seminars, Conferences are acknowledged through Certificates and Momentos.
Our Recent Trainings

General Safety Training at Shaily Engineering, Halol

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