Chemicals-Friends or Foe??- Sneak Peak by understanding

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| January 10, 2024 |
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Chemical- interactions of substances as studied in chemistry

The term chemistry is derived from the Greek word “KHEMEIA”, which means “cast together.” All the things even human beings are also made of chemicals.

Substances that we can see, smell, feel, consume orally are made up of chemicals, whether they occur in nature or are manmade.

As Dave Barry – an American author and columnist said, “Not all chemicals are bad. Without chemicals such as hydrogen and oxygen, for example, there would be no way to make water!” (Source: Research gate)

Around 60 chemical elements are found in human body.  Millions of chemical reactions take place in our cells and tissues to keep us alive known as metabolism.

Humans have started dealing with chemicals from ancient time like preparing bread dough by fermenting, combining metals to prepare alloys, turning minerals to glass etc.

Lot of chemicals used in our surrounding which can cause mishaps.

Can it be said that the acids used for surface cleaning, insecticides, drugs, cleansers, cosmetics etc. are worth the price paid leading to accidents or any near miss? That is for the consumer to decide. However, it is the misuse of these chemicals that often leads to tragedy.

Some chemistry facts related to humans are illustrated here for better understanding.

1. We mainly breathe nitrogen (Air is 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, 0.03% carbon dioxide and 1% remaining gases (Argon, Methane, Hydrogen, water vapor)

2. If your remove all empty space in the atoms of all people on earth then the entire human race could fit in a sugar cube.

“Chemicals can be dangerous, but they can be advantageous when handled properly as per their respective safety data sheets”


Neha Jinit Bharambe

(Sr. Exe. Env.- Technical section)

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