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| May 25, 2023 |


In simple words it means “continuous development”.

Nowadays sustainability is the point of concern and everyone is taking part in the race of sustainability.

Generally sustainability means “to exist on in any field over a longer span”

Sustainability strategy

Many of the businesses or government bodies have taken initiative and started committing for sustainable goals like reducing their environmental footprints by reducing carbon footprint, water footprint etc. and conserving resources.

Concerns about biodiversity loss, anthropogenic climate change, pollution are widely spread. To overcome this mostly everyone is embracing sustainable policies by implementing green technology and other related practices.

There are three pillars of sustainability

·         Economic viability (Informally: Profit)

·         Environmental protection (Informally: Planet/Earth)

·         Social equity (Informally: People)

This means in order to be sustainable, companies/business must be able to conserve natural resources, support a healthy workforce and enough revenue generation to remain in the field for long term.

Business sustainability:

Companies are nowadays setting goals for sustainability such as committing for zero-waste packaging, reducing overall emissions by some percent. For example GOOGLE has pledged to operate carbon free by the year 2030.

Also emphasize given on energy generation from sustainable resources such as solar, hydro, wind.

Benefits :

Using resource sustainability can improve the long-term viability just by cutting pollution can also help the company to save money.  Example, usage of LEDs, plumbing fixtures like water saving faucets, drip irrigation/sprinklers in gardens etc. can help company to save and improve their public image and can become more attractive to investors.

– By, Neha Jinit Bharambe

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