Travelling Bottle

Travelling Bottle!!!

| Jhanvi Shah |
| June 4, 2022 |
So mostly all of you are wondering, what is this title of writing any blog! How a water bottle could be the star of any story? Actually, these days we all are tired of the pandemic. We all want to go outside and travel to new places with our friends and family as the pandemic is getting milder than before. So, I also had a family trip a month ago. In the morning we were about to leave, my mom asked me to fill water bottles for the five of us. I filled one water jug of 20 litres and one of my personal water bottles with 1 litre. My dad exclaimed, “Why are you taking along this much weight with us? We’ll buy packaged water bottles from outside.” So, here is the answer to how carrying your water bottle along while traveling can save money and the environment!

For an adult person, 3-4 litres of water is required per day. So the calculation goes to 60-80 bucks per person per day (If we consider 20 Rs. per bottle of 1 litre). So if you’re traveling in a group of 4-5 people, it will cost you around 350-400 bucks per day. And if you’re on a trip of 3 days, it will cost you around 1200 bucks for the entire group. One empty water bottle of plastic weighs around 19 gms. So if we consider 45 bottles for 3 days, it will contribute around 850 gms of plastics to the waste per trip.

300 million tons of plastic waste is generated every year and around 1500 plastic bottles are thrown every second. So just think only if half of us start carrying our metal/ non-plastic water bottles while traveling, how much amount of plastic waste can be reduced!! Yes, I know plastic bottles are recyclable, but why we should go for recycling if we can eliminate them?? Water filling stations are available now at many public places like Railway stations, Airports, Malls, etc. and they have installed RO systems so there are no worries about the quality of drinking water. Also, you can get your bottles filled from the accommodation like hotels, and resorts while leaving.

The theme for World Environment Day’22 is “Only One Earth”. I am not saying to plant trees on this day, which you can’t protect and maintain after the 5th of June gets over. Let’s just think on the broader and brighter side to make our contribution lesser in plastic waste generation and more to save our mother earth. Because we have only one place to survive, only one beautiful planet to travel to. So make your trip more memorable with #MyTravellingBottle and keep happy our nature. Wishing you all a very Happy World Environment Day!

Jhanvi Shah
Executive Environment
Siddhi Green Excellence Pvt. Ltd.


Ronil Gohil

Jhanvi Madam


Dhruvil shah

Great and deep message


Priyanka Patel

Wonderful massage ma’am….
Happy world environment d@y……


Nikhil Shah

Well said. Really inspiring.


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