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| July 4, 2023 |
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Harvard University is always known for its unique approach to teaching, and thus it justifies its position as one of the eight ivy league schools in the world. It recently hit the news that Harvard has planned to introduce an AI chatbot similar to ChatGPT as an instructor in its renowned Computer Science 50 course. This groundbreaking development blurs the lines between the capabilities of humans and artificial intelligence. It has sparked a lot of debates and discussions about the role of artificial intelligence in the field of teaching.


Leveraging the power of natural language processing and machine learning, the chatbot is programmed to provide real-time responses to students’ queries, facilitate interactive discussions, and offer personalized learning experiences. With the chatbot teacher, students can access learning materials and assistance anytime, anywhere, breaking down the barriers of time and location. This inclusivity expands educational opportunities for those who may have previously faced limitations due to physical or geographical constraints. The chatbot teacher can analyze students’ strengths, weaknesses, and learning preferences with the help of sophisticated algorithms. It enables the bot to tailor personalized learning paths and provide targeted feedback, enhancing the effectiveness of education and promoting student engagement.


Although the introduction of a chatbot teacher at Harvard presents promising opportunities, it is essential to address potential concerns and limitations. Critics argue that the empathetic aspect of teaching may be compromised, leading to a loss of emotional connection and mentorship. The accuracy of the chatbot also becomes a huge concern.

While the implications and concerns surrounding the use of AI in education are still being explored, this innovative step by Harvard opens up new possibilities for enhanced accessibility, personalized learning, and improved efficiency. As we embrace the future of education, it becomes imperative to strike a balance between the human touch and the power of AI, ensuring that technology continues to serve as an empowering force for learners worldwide.


-By, Darshini Shah

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